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We are a team of an enthusiastic and self motivated freelancers, specialized in web development, IOS / Android applications development, design logos and corporate identity, animated advertisements and worked on several independant video games projects. Whether it’s a small or a big project, we never back down and always aim to create something unique and high-quality IT solutions to meet our clients needs.

Pure Creativity.

Some of Our Work

We create state of the art, modern, user friendly websites for personals & business of all sizes in all sectors. Our team worked on various projects for Iraqi political figure's like vice president Osama al-Nujaifi, Also build and manage applications to provide the latest news about Iraq and surrounding area like IBC News and much more. We love to connect our clients with their customers, and helping share their ideas in a unique and new way. We want to create something that truly fits our clients expectation and products, and helps them show their digital presence for their followers and customers.

Shamara Group Mngr.

SHAMARA HOLDING GROUP In-house management application for tasks, projects, milestones and reports management tool to deliver an easy to use secured time efficient managing tool for each personal with just a few touches.


AT auto transport

Shipping vehicles, furniture and all kind of stuff never been easy using the complex websites of most shipping companies. that's where we had to step in for AT AUTO Company and take their shipping business to the next level with new looking easy to use and familiar website for their clients to ship their stuff with simple few clicks.


Osama al-Nujaifi

Our work for Osama al-Nujaifi the current vice president of Iraq, to present his latest official website with a new modern look to show his prestigious status as one of the most important political figures in Iraq, with an easy tool to help and communicate with the Iraqi citizens. Also we are on the work to launch his updated mobile application in soon 2017.


IBC News

IBC is a new powerful news app on Android, iPhone that contains sections to cover the latest important news, which focuses on the latest Iraq and the Middle East, political, security, economic, sports, scientific, technical and miscellaneous news events moment by moment around the world.



B.weddings is one of our latest designs to create a new and unique looking modern wedding planning website with new tools to help any new couples decide on their wedding with simple and easy steps.



Merkez Al-Madina Automotive Services Company (MAMASCO) is Toyota's authorized dealer in Iraq and we had the honor to deliver their newest website for their clients with easy and modern tools.


What We Do Best.

Why Choose Us

Mobile Apps

We always seek to make more efficient, fast response, user friendly with high performance Apps to improve our clients businesses and needs.

Responsive layout

All our designs fit and adapt on all sizes of screens, mobile, tablet device while maintaining the same efficiency and hight performance of our clients projects.

Creative Direction

By taking advantage of the latest technologies and the constant evolve in the web, mobile, interactive media to create something new for our clients not only to satisfy their needs but also by letting us make their work like a piece of art.

Our Clients


Meet our creative team members and get to know us, We always think that combining our team knowledge, expertise that we gathered from each project we worked on to polish our skills and overcome any kind of task in the next job. Meeting our clients needs is what we do best.

Get in touch

We are always ready to carry out your requests and response to your message at any time. Just ask and we will be more than happy to satisfy what you want.

Contact info

Owner:- Ali Jaafar Jeryo

Phone:- +1 415 894 7784

Email:- ali.j@fromicons.com

Amman, Jordan Contact:- Ahmad Sbaih


Phone:- +962 7 9922 9402

Email:- ahmad.s@fromicons.com